Advocating on Behalf of Fiduciaries and Beneficiaries Involved in Georgia Fiduciary Disputes

The James Law Firm represents both fiduciaries and beneficiaries in metro Atlanta and across the state of Georgia in fiduciary-related disputes. Executors and trustees, also known as fiduciaries, are held to a high legal standard regarding their duties and obligations, and they are bound by law to act in the best interests of beneficiaries.

Fiduciary-related disputes could involve:

  • Claims for breach of fiduciary duty – When fiduciaries – executors, trustees and administrators – fail to perform their obligations properly, they can be sued by the beneficiaries involved.
  • Defending claims for breach of fiduciary duty – When fiduciaries are wrongfully accused of misconduct or of failing to act in the best interest of beneficiaries.
  • Misuse of power of attorney – When an individual acting as an attorney in fact abuses his or her authority, causing harm – financial or otherwise – to the principal.
  • Undue influence / lack of capacity – When beneficiary designations or estate plans have been changed improperly while the testator lacks mental capacity, or when a testator’s intentions are disregarded and overridden by the person seeking the benefit of the changes.

I advocate on behalf of beneficiaries and heirs pursing claims against executors and trustees who have breached their fiduciary duty. Likewise, I represent fiduciaries in legal disputes. The James Law Firm guides both fiduciaries and beneficiaries in understanding their rights and pursuing the best course of action for the particular situation.

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